Are you tired of waxing, shaving or plucking? Are these processes consuming much of your time and causing too much pain? Well you need not to worry more. Technological advancement has made it possible for you to remove unwanted hair without a fuss by using laser hair removal.

If you are looking for long term solutions then laser hair removal should be top of your list. Here are a few things you need to know before booking that laser hair removal appointment;

It is not painful

Contrary to what many people believe, laser hair removal is not painful. In fact, people who have been lased say that it feels like a rubber band being strapped in a split second. However, it is paramount to apply a numbing cream if your skin is super sensitive.

Dr. Riad Roomi from You New Plastic Surgery Dubai Clinic explains, “Laser hair removal is one of the least painful cosmetic procedures. If you need something, apply topical 1 hour before and again 30 minutes prior to procedure. Check with your doctor regarding components of any topical anesthetic as some can have serious side effects if applied over a large area.”

For optimal results, take more than one treatment.

If you want to get rid of the unwanted hair for a very long time, then you need more than one appointment. Several factors like your skin thickness and the color of your skin often come out when you go for laser hair removal. It is therefore important to know the number of sessions needed and the gap in between them.

You should shave beforehand

Sticking hair serves as a distraction for waxing. You need to shave it beforehand for optimal results. In the likely event that you go for more than one treatment, Dr. Patricia Yugueros, a plastic surgeon from Atlanta says you should shave before each treatment of laser hair removal.
“It’s better to shave the night before the treatment so that your skin is not so sensitive the day of,” she adds.

However, waxing is discouraged since it removes the hair root which is what the laser targets. So no tweezing or waxing two or three weeks before being undergoing laser hair removal.

Avoid certain medicine

There are certain medications which are super sensitive to the UV light used in laser hair removal. Photosensitive medicines such as Accutane are highly discouraged. Consult with you doctor and find out if your medicine is light-sensitive. Given that most doctors today use EMR solutions for their healthcare practices, your doctor will almost certainly have all the information about you including the medication you may presently be taking. It is therefore extremely unlikely that he would recommend you for laser hair removal if you are taking medication that could trigger some negative body reactions if you go through the laser treatment.

Avoid the sun

Getting sunshine is good for your body, but just before you go for laser hair removal, it is important to avoid sunshine. It works best for skins that are untanned thus it is advisable to avoid sunshine before, during and after the treatment.

Suitable for both genders

Both men and women want to get rid of unwanted hair. So don’t be intimidated if you are a man and you want to remove your hair using laser. Simply go for it.

The time taken in laser hair removal depends on the area that you want shaved. It is therefore important to plan your appointment well so as not to distract your other schedules.

Any side effects? Does it cause cancer?

Modern lasers are absolutely safe. Lasers are commonly used in surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology and even for treatment of skin deseases like psoriasis. “Laser hair removal has been safely performed in millions of people over many years now,” answers Benjamin Barankin, a Toronto Dermatologic surgeon. “Although rarely one might get temporary blistering or an infection or discoloration of the skin, it certainly has never been shown to cause any type of cancer.”