Yes, laser hair removal absolutely works! Here’s the science bit… Basically the laser targets the pigment, or colour, in your hair follicle and the heat that is created stops the hair from regrowing. Magic! The laser hair removal treatment only lasts for a fraction of a second per hair and gets straight to the point. It’s force stretches 2mm into the skin. Unlike other hair removal techniques, laser hair removal solves the problem of unwanted hair rather than simply playing with it on the skins surface which is not long lasting as we all have experienced for too long!

Does Laser Hair Removal Work? Yes, but…

This explains why laser treatment works best on dark hair as it contains more manalin than lighter hairs do. The darker the hair and the lighter the skin the better. It doesn’t mean that people without this colouring will not be able to get a good result, it just may take a little longer. Overall though, the more treatments you receive the longer lasting the results will be.

On this subject you should be straight up with your clinic and ask them for how many sessions they anticipate you will need based on their experience. Don’t be shy. If they are good at their work then they will be busy and will really know what they are doing. Other factors that must be considered are your ethnicity, age and of course gender. Men’s hair tends to be thicker than women’s for obvious cave man scavenging for food in the forest reasons! However, there are of course exceptions! Modern cave women want to be smooth nowadays!