Over the past several years we have come to think of cosmetic surgery as someone getting the in-your-face full lips or extra-large breasts. However recently the trends have been changing and people are shifting away from the Kylie Jenner full lips and gravitating towards more natural, proportionate ‘Ivanka Trump’ look.

As Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Bunkis points out: ‘People, especially in their 30s and 40s, prefer Ivanka’s classic unconventional features over the typical excessive look that we are used to in plastic surgery.’

People have always looked up to celebrities for cosmetic surgery ideas but typically these celebrities have more extravagant appearance. And although Trump has been in the spotlight recently, there is another underlying reason for ‘Ivanka Trump look’ emulation. At 35 Ivanka is the perfect example of natural beauty that is appropriate to her own age group. Women no longer want over-the-top features but rather lean towards the softer look that she has.

Although her look is not a conventional example of what the perfect face should look like, but women admire her classic and proportionate features. This extraordinary beauty is what makes her so appealing. ‘When you have someone who’s extraordinarily beautiful, like a fashion model, they often fall outside the norms of measurement [and symmetry] that dictate conventional beauty. But that anomaly makes the face beautiful and interesting. With Ivanka, her lowered brow, [which bucks convention], makes her face look even more attractive to us’ Dr. Frank Lista, medical director of the plastic surgery clinic in Toronto and Mississauga said to Global News.