The choice to have a plastic surgery is a personal one. But generally, the popularity of cosmetic surgery in the US is greater than in any other country. As experts from a plastic surgery clinic in Seattle explain, some of the most sought-after plastic surgeries in the United States today include neck lift, breast lift, face lift, breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, botox, tummy tuck and eyelid surgery.

Benefits of plastic surgery

Greater Self-Confidence

When you look great, you feel great. For many people, improvement to one’s appearance naturally converts to greater self-confidence, meaning an increased readiness to open up in social situations or try new things. You might also be willing to wear specific types of clothing or take part in things you tended to shy away from before the surgery because of your uneasiness with your looks.

Better Physical Health

Your appearance and physical health can get better thanks to some plastic surgery procedures. For instance, nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty might enhance breathing. On top of that it enhances the aesthetics of your nose. Surgical breast reduction also enhances the contour of the body.

Improved Mental Health

Plastic surgery procedures can also improve mental health. Some individuals see a decrease in social nervousness after their surgery, because of the new self-confidence feelings their new appearance inspires. It’s not unusual to become more prepared to deal with new challenges or feel increased control over your life.

Risks of plastic surgery

Numbness or Nerve Damage

In some instances, nerves might be severed or damaged during any surgical procedure. If it’s a facial nerve, the result will be drooping of the mouth or eyes (ptosis) or the inability to make facial expressions.


A risk of infection can occur with all surgeries. Regular hand washing and the right wound care can prevent or minimize infection.


It’s an accumulation of blood outside of a blood vessel. This condition can develop after a surgical procedure; this often leads to an area being bruised or swollen, with a pocket of blood underneath. In some instances a hematoma might be large enough to result in discomfort and even reduce blood circulation through the area. When it comes to a large hematoma, the plastic surgeon might decide to use a syringe to remove some of the accumulated blood.

Blood Loss of Blood

As with any surgical procedure, some loss of blood is expected. But out of control, blood loss can result in a decrease in blood pressure with potentially fatal results. Loss of blood can take place while the procedure is in progress, but also internally, after a surgical procedure.


Dr. David C Watts warns: Every surgical procedure comes with a risk of death. While that risk might be less than 1%, it is possible for death to take place during the slightest of surgeries. Often, this is because of a reaction to anesthesia.