Your plastic surgery practice can grow exponentially only on the foundation of new patient growth. But you may hit a hurdle because most cosmetic surgeries are categorized as elective surgeries that insurance rarely covers. There’s the possibility that top insurance directories may not be listing your practice. In order to explore cosmetic surgery options in your area, prospective customers may be searching Google for answers. It follows that the Google top-ranked search result is where your practice should figure prominently.    

Your growth and financial success hinge a lot on how you market your unique skill sets, letting patients know what makes your practice extraordinary. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offers unique solutions with the potential to catapult your practice from low profile local to jet-setting global.

According to digital marketing strategists at MiroMind, boasting the best plastic surgery practice in your area is not enough; you need to ensure that the message gets across to prospective clients to help the practice grow. Read on to learn how the most reputed plastic surgery practices depend on SEO for notching up significant success in digital marketing.

Why SEO Is a Good Marketing Strategy for Plastic Surgery

Effective SEO involves a combination of advanced technology, focused marketing acumen, and soft skills that yield measurable results. But the foundation of SEO is built on the quality of the content populating your website. The moot question is – does your content address the genuine requirements of patients googling queries? Is the content designed to clearly satisfy the patient’s search intent?

Thousands of patients employ search words or key search phrases involving cosmetic surgery. Google, in response, lists the websites that present high-quality content contrasting with vibrant videos and informative images. If your website fails the test of quality, and your competitors make up for the loss, the search traffic gets diverted elsewhere, not to you.

A lot depends on the level at which you tap the Google search. The beginner, researching tons of information on cosmetic surgery, has a unique baggage of needs. This patient will need information that allays safety concerns and weighs the risks. Availability of Insurance cover, financing options, and details of surgical procedures will corner maximum searches. The advanced patient who has already researched the topic would be interested in assessing your reputation through online reviews. SEO helps your practice to devise sales funnels that successfully capture these organic search leads.

The aim of a well-designed sales funnel is to ensure that quality content on elective cosmetic surgery options efficiently answers Google searches of targeted audiences.  Once sales funnels are well established, consumers in different stages of the sales cycle will route their queries to your website. This will open up new opportunities to convert quick queries into smart surgical decisions.

The Plastic Surgery Patient Search Changes Dynamically

Keyword placement, a critical component of SEO strategy becomes more efficient and result oriented when it addresses changing patient preferences. There are thousands of ways queries are raised by patients at different stages of the patient cycle.  Though not an exhaustive list, the following are small samples of queries you will encounter.

For example, a patient initiating a query on cosmetic surgery may search the topic in the following manner:

  • Does the surgical procedure qualify for insurance coverage?
  • Is plastic surgery dangerous? Are there side effects?
  • Does cosmetic surgery involve complications?
  • Can you die from surgery?
  • Am I the right candidate for undergoing plastic surgery?

Patients already aware of the answers to pressing questions would be aiming for specific plastic surgery information:

  • Plastic surgery for breast augmentation
  • Plastic surgery performed on the nose
  • Plastic surgery for tummy tucks
  • Plastic surgeons specializing in mommy makeover

Once the patient is satisfied regarding the procedural aspects of cosmetic surgery, the search spotlight turns on the plastic surgeon or the clinic in the following manner:

  • Reviews of best cosmetic surgery clinics in…
  • Find the Top Rated Plastic surgeons in…
  • Plastic surgery costs in…
  • Best Cosmetic Surgeons near me

The meticulously worked out plastic surgery SEO plan will zero in on high-quality content. This is content that efficiently captures Google search queries relating to each level in the patient cycle.

If SEO is not optimized around the keywords connecting to patients, your site may not be successful in capturing leads and converting them into sales. Instead, you may find yourself tied down by traditional marketing strategies that are expensive and ineffective.

Accelerating the Ratio of Visitors Converting Into Customers

The best Plastic Surgery SEO practices do not end after positioning quality content to capture web traffic. If the patient merely visits the site only to bounce back to the previous search page, it is not productive for your practice.

SEO can be deemed as successful only when the website is optimized to improve conversions. It should be possible for patients to contact you for information, chat with you to discuss options, get a breakdown of costs, and quickly confirm an appointment for surgery.

It should be your goal to keep interactions quick and smooth with as little friction as possible to enhance customer delight. You won’t make a conversion unless you are confident of meeting the patient’s need.

If your site makes the searcher hesitate or get irritated with unceasing popups, or suffer an information overload, you risk being ignored. Visitors should feel confident that their search for a top-rated plastic surgeon has ended at your doorstep.  

Best SEO Practices to Speed up Conversions

The design, the layout, and content should be comprehensively improved to increase your consult conversion rate. The following strategies yield the best results:

  • The site clearly and accurately answers queries that high volumes of researchers frequently ask.
  • The site calms anxieties and allays fears regarding plastic surgery practices. It builds up customer confidence; does not create room for more doubts.
  • You position testimonials in landing pages that prove that your practice commands recognition in society. This is effective in reducing the anxiety connected to surgical risks.
  • Highlight everything unique about your practice that makes it a symbol of excellence in the industry.
  • Display the trust marks that single you out as a qualified Plastic surgeon. The most important ones are the certification of The American Board of Plastic Surgery, membership of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and proof of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, alongside logo credentials. Professionally package your testimonials, rev up your reviews, and manage your reputation to gain patient trust.
  • Get your MD to post a video explaining why your services are exceptionally unique over the ordinary. Presenting a human face is the best way to gain patient acceptance.
  • Get experts to post podcasts about the latest advancements in plastic surgery. It shows you are trendy and fresh; not old fashioned and outdated.
  • Adopt the best calls-to-action that deliver something tangible like a white paper, webinar, podcast, video feed or eBrochure.
  • Integrate your website into Google my Business listings to harvest organic search traffic and collect good patient reviews.
  • Use a third-party review service such as Top Rated Local which systematically collates reviews from verified websites online and prepares an omnibus Rating Score. Subcategories make the ratings smart and official.

As you implement these SEO strategies and the site improves visitor engagement, you’ll find your practice figuring prominently in Google search page ranking.

Plastic Surgery Practices Understanding the Dynamics of Search Engine Optimization Are the Most Successful

If you review the top-rated plastic surgeons in the country you may notice that they rank high in search results mostly because they value the importance of SEO. The Best Plastic Surgery SEO practices are taking them miles ahead of their competition, which maybe includes you. Becoming Numero Uno in Plastic surgery may take time, but the investment you make in SEO will be well worth the effort.