People usually associate the term ‘plastic surgery’ with Hollywood celebrities who undergo the procedure ‘just to look better’. However, plastic surgery is not always about satisfying people’s vanity. Experts from the Arizona Plastic Surgery Clinic explain why you shouldn’t jump to conclusions when someone informs you they have undergone a plastic surgery.


When people read magazines about celebrities undergoing surgical procedures they tend to forget that plastic surgeries are not a choice but a necessity for some. For fire victims undergoing skin transplant, or breast cancer patients in need of surgical reconstruction, plastic surgery might be the only way to get back to a normal life.

Health beneficial

Some surgical procedures like rhinoplasty, mostly known simply as a ‘nose job’, are under carried to improve patients’ health. Rhinoplasty can help those who suffer from snoring or experience problems with breathing. Blepharoplasty surgery not only improves the appearance of the eye but it can also improve one’s vision by lifting the eyelids.

Higher self-esteem

Research published in Clinical Psychological Science showed that plastic surgery can boost the patient’s self esteem. In the long run, confidence resulting from a better appearance can have a positive impact on the patient’s personal and professional life.

As you can see, the mission of plastic surgery, just like any medical procedure is to make positive changes in terms of our mental or physical health.